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March 29, 2009



i'm just supremely pissed off that i've been dieting since january. lost 20 fucking pounds, and am STILL going to die fat. TOTALLY MISSING GIRL SCOUT COOKIE SEASON. fuck.

you can blame that 'sexually assaulted an angel' thing squarely on those victoria's secret feathered cock-teases. it wasn't wrong. oh, no. bitches were asking for it...


I have a nasty suspicion that sex is frowned upon in heaven, so I reckon the angel had the most fun she'd had since the whole sordid Lucifer incident. If the Flying Spaghetti Monster is a no-show when the end comes, I hope you don't mind if I point at you and say, "I'm with him"


You're not fooling me! I know who that "angel" is!


i've got the inside scoop that i'm to be left behind. can i have your collection of porn?

Miss P

.. my Air Florida of Sanity is going to plow directly into the 14th Street Bridge of Madness. Nicely turned phrase. Can I share the porn with Gnu?


My porn should be shared, but I would advise anti-bacterial wipes on the cover.

Miss P

We wouldn't expect anything less :mrgreen:


Oh shit! Well, bugger the home renovations then! I'm taking all of this year's vacation now, and I may as well borrow all of next year's too. I'm going to spend my last month living like Caligula!

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